Feb. 23rd, 2013 09:28 am
[personal profile] windylowlands
 Dear Blog,

I was ok this morning. This is like the fifth or sixth item that's gone missing. And my teeth needed a floss, so...I trudged up to the pharmacy, braving the windy wet weather with a broken umbrella. I noticed people looking at me, especially the diners at short black. Being short of cash, I avoided the new boutique on the shops street that I only noticed just today. The weighing machine dilemma was weighing on my mind (ha ha).
And Steven's coming over. My friends have flurry-activitied on my online identity self. The joint one is the only one available to them. I have to do things, like Life in the Spirit stuff that I have to read, and to check the forwards from my sisters regarding functions. I also need to get my ass back here before church so I can see how Camilla's doing and keep up that friendship. I THINK that's it... Maybe also specifically ask when the next NOVA meeting is (like I really want to know!). Sooo much STUFF.

p.s. I feel tinge of NOSTALGIA during this writing break filled with writing.
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