Hey, I am pretty happy, even if I am a little...jaded. 

Do you reckon I can relax for a bit? It would be nice.
Thanks for being there. Even if nothing much is happening and I'm still ...GOing. Like nothing is wrong.

yeah, today was good, I was ok. Still haven't checked for my other bag, which I had (conveniently?) forgotten to take to work..seriously... was lucky my period was not a problem cause i had no "supplies". And it's been in for 16 plus hours. 

Work was okay. Stable, which is the important thing.

I lost a dollar. Gotta check up on that, too.

Seeing Doctor Wade tomorrow, my day off. Should be enjoyable. 
There's this mysterious family feud shit going on with Mum, but I don't know who or what is involved.

I am feeling very goody-goody today. 
Wonder if Polly has started up the new prompts for the group board.

I really want to write, not necessarily fiction, but that would be nice.

The lightning was horribly bright yesterday. Like something out of The Sound of Music. The thunder was alright, seriously though, horses don't ever seem to get scared of lightning, from what I've read (and that is all I have to go on, you know).

Well, la-di-dah, skippidy-dee, don't -worry-be-happy.
Yep. Was worrying about the Gary Hennesey thwarting of fate. Groan. D'ya think my fate IS to be an accountant. Talk about a messy business.
see ya. 
 Quizzical curious look... I think the word "bend" is inexplicably floating around in my psyche.

Made it through the week! Things are alright, really, they are. I have hopelessly high expectations of tomorrow, we can work with that, hopefully.

love you and my Friday freedom!

 So, I am to finish this quite soon, I reckon I'll be spattered with disgusting shit before I leave my wonderful place. You got it. That's what happens to people whose birthright is being assholes. In not quite the nicest sense. In the nastiest sense. In unending denial of the lack of sense in any form.

I AM going to cry in NO-TEARS-ZONE dreams.

See ya. Sideways sardonism for the other me, strictly. No longing rue for the main me, at all.
Dear you, 
I'm really out of it. Completely gone. Wore bedroom slippers around the block AGAIN! I was kicking myself for lots of things, mostly stemming from infuriatingly obscure dream patterns. And of course, the arcane, occult, latent aspects of my love life (or imagined thereof). 

The Noble House of Took.

I think the boss has not included one of the days I did work, but I'm not really fussed about it (not that it makes a difference).


Jan. 29th, 2013 12:27 pm
Seriously feeling better.

Today went well. I like my holiday, now, let's hope that's enough.

Goodbye, 80s lunch.

Next fortnight I can try to reduce the meds a little!



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