Dear Blog

Yup. So really had a great day...until GREAT. This will do.
forgive the cliches. I'm really good in goody goody gum drops sense. NOT goody-goody, may I remind you? 

And if I have to hear my sis on speaker phone some of it may get deflated. That's why I'm babbling in delirious happiness. You know, total madness-without-method-to-it, as they say.

Or as I say.

Happy February, of the thirteenth year of this millenium.

There's a lot of noise that even I can't stand. The dog will not be lasting much longer...oh geez.
Rough days can still affect me (us).

thanks for the segment of the day of this calibre, account of online journaling.


 I had a good day today, topped off with a bit of laughter. A bit of insight, too. Tomorrow's Valentines... I'm really not thinking about it at all, being exactly one week from first hospitalisation in my life anniversary. But...I should really use those three - year - old beauty products.

The Noises of Unique Distraction are being made.

See ya.
Wasn't gonna skive off the other of my blogs, but there's no point as things are to do it now.
yeah, today was good, I was ok. Still haven't checked for my other bag, which I had (conveniently?) forgotten to take to work..seriously... was lucky my period was not a problem cause i had no "supplies". And it's been in for 16 plus hours. 

Work was okay. Stable, which is the important thing.

I lost a dollar. Gotta check up on that, too.

Seeing Doctor Wade tomorrow, my day off. Should be enjoyable. 
There's this mysterious family feud shit going on with Mum, but I don't know who or what is involved.

I am feeling very goody-goody today. 
Wonder if Polly has started up the new prompts for the group board.

I really want to write, not necessarily fiction, but that would be nice.

The lightning was horribly bright yesterday. Like something out of The Sound of Music. The thunder was alright, seriously though, horses don't ever seem to get scared of lightning, from what I've read (and that is all I have to go on, you know).

Well, la-di-dah, skippidy-dee, don't -worry-be-happy.
Yep. Was worrying about the Gary Hennesey thwarting of fate. Groan. D'ya think my fate IS to be an accountant. Talk about a messy business.
see ya. 
 Hmmm. Well, go all out, what're you waiting for? Mr. Dream may not in any shape (literally) to do anything. 

Well, I have to say- neither am I.

I am scared.

I feel ok. But beeper pagans really shook me up. I wanted to do something witchy. I wasted a good, clear night and may not get it again for some time. I'd get up to go for a walk, but strange as it is, that's not really a sensible course of action. I feel disturbed. I have not yet turned to novels by J. D. Salinger.

Too busy, far too.




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