Hi, wordpress is insane so i'm typing here. I could whine - or make the best of things. I'm going to write, I'm not fussed about WHERE the bloody thing appears.

OKAY. Today's topic is one that shouts for your attention- eczema!

Yup. Like, I have not really too much of an idea about it- except I guess it would be a pretty big drag. And, uh, embarrassing. And I've got a different skin condition, which I think is bizarre but not quite as serious. But despite not being too hassled in the skin department, I do try to avoid extreme weather conditions, including dryness and wind. And synthetic underwear. Which is not at all to do with weather, but, anyway...

Well I've reached a bit of an impasse. Before lotion, what the heck did they do?

Now THAT'S interesting!
 I had a good day today, topped off with a bit of laughter. A bit of insight, too. Tomorrow's Valentines... I'm really not thinking about it at all, being exactly one week from first hospitalisation in my life anniversary. But...I should really use those three - year - old beauty products.

The Noises of Unique Distraction are being made.

See ya.
Wasn't gonna skive off the other of my blogs, but there's no point as things are to do it now.
 So, I am to finish this quite soon, I reckon I'll be spattered with disgusting shit before I leave my wonderful place. You got it. That's what happens to people whose birthright is being assholes. In not quite the nicest sense. In the nastiest sense. In unending denial of the lack of sense in any form.

I AM going to cry in NO-TEARS-ZONE dreams.

See ya. Sideways sardonism for the other me, strictly. No longing rue for the main me, at all.
 Hey, not so good, why I'm having nightmares about floods but not being realistic...was I ever. I'm still immature me. God keep us safe tonight please.



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